Bonnyville Forest Nursery

About Us

Bonnyville Forest Nursery has been producing reforestation container seedlings since 1991. Growing capacity is continually increasing to meet the demands of the Forestry and Oil & Gas industries of Western Canada.

Our Mission

Bonnyville Forest Nursery Inc. Is dedicated to grow quality seedlings to fulfil the needs of the reforestation and reclamation industry. The success of the company is a direct result of a constant effort to produce and deliver a vigorous seedling that meets or exceeds our client’s requirements. Our success also results from having a professional staff of foresters and horticulturists involved in all aspects of seedling culture; keeping aware of advances in growing equipment, containers and technology that can improve the field readiness of BFN stock; keeping in contact with scientific researchers and participating in research trials wherever possible; and interacting with fellow growers to the benefit of the nursery industry as a whole.